Brands and Companies I Affiliate With

When I decided to become involved in affiliate marketing, I did it all or nothing style. Meaning, I chose to become involved with all of the brands in some way. So, I applied/signed up for various affiliate programs, many of them being clean beauty stores that sell multiple brands. Here are the stores that I affiliate with:
Aillea Beauty  is a new clean beauty store, with some amazing branding! Their style is so clean and pure. 
Amazon, while not a clean beauty store, they do have many options, and most people (myself included) have Prime.
Ann Marie Skincare, they have some AMAZING serums! I went to their office in Berkeley, and they were so kind.
Avocado Mattress has the best, most affordable, hand-made, organic mattresses.
Ayla Beauty is a local, clean beauty store in The Bay Area! 
Beauty Heroes has the BEST curation of skincare subscription boxes out there! 
Citrine Beauty Bar does a Glam Bag every few months filled with amazing clean beauty goodies!
Clearly Filtered has the only portable, under-the-sink charcoal water filter on the market! 
Clove+Hallow's lip products are amazingly pigmented and long-lasting. 
Credo Beauty is one of the O.G. clean beauty stores, they carry so many brands, and their physical locations are gorgeous.
The Detox Market curates a great monthly skincare box, has two physical locations and stocks amazing products!
Dr. Brite has an amazing Coco Chai Toothpaste, and their mint mouthwash is THE BEST. 
EvolvH has some of the BEST shampoos out there. It is even compared to conventional products!
Follain has the best curation of organic beauty products on The East Coast!
Freeze Co. Beauty curates modern and classic indie brands, use code REAGAN20 for 20% off!
Integrity Botanicals has an amazing curation of multiple clean brands. 
Krochet Kids makes clothes to be proud of wearing; all clothing is manufactured using fair-trade practices.
Lavari is a family-owned e-commerce jewelry store with high quality, delicate pieces. 
Honey Bee Gardens offers quality, and affordable, clean beauty options, use code INDIE10 for 15% off!
Hynt produces the best mascara and concealer in the clean makeup sphere!
Native Deodorant has some of the best deodorant fragrances on the market for men, use code HEALTH10 for 10% off! 
Nuciya is the only clean beauty store on this side of the ocean that carries my FAVORITE Karen Murrell lippies. 
Red Apple Lipstick Co. is one of the most wholesome clean beauty brands out there with amazing lipsticks and eyeshadows. 
Safe and Chic is the e-commerce, green beauty site with the largest variety of beauty goodies. 
Target has some awesome green beauty these days! 
Thrive Market is my go-to for name brand dry foods and beauty products! I've been a member for three years and just decided to affiliate with them because I love them so much! 
Vapour Beauty was the first brand that I EVER purchased green makeup from and they will forever have my heart.
Zion Clay Deodorant has some of my favorite, affordable, deodorants! 
Purchasing products through these links helps me to better my content, and purchase product to review on the YouTube channel. Being involved with so many brands has allowed me to stay honest in the blogging world, I am not just committed to a few brands as I have affiliation with almost every brand in some way. Thank you so much for the continued support, and allowing me to grow in this community!