• Reagan Hart

Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Masks

I was at Credo San Francisco a couple of weeks back when I saw the Whamisa hydrogel masks. I had heard faint whispers of these masks in the green beauty community. I decided to pick up the Whamisa organic seeds hydrogel mask, Whamisa organic flowers hydrogel mask, and the Whamisa organic fruits hydrogel masks.

These are packaged differently than the traditional “sheet masks” that we all think about. They come in a plastic tray with a thin plastic peel back closure. The mask itself comes in two separate parts, a top section that covers from the forehead to the cheeks and a bottom piece that covers from the cheeks to the chin.

These masks are made from hydrogel material, which is somewhat thick and jelly-like. The ingredients are delicious on all three masks: aloe bases, organic, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly.

I always keep face masks in the refrigerator. This adds a de-puffing and cooling effect. I didn’t love that these hydrogel masks were separated in two, due to their weight, they would kind of separate on my face if I moved about the house.

Overall though, I did like the hydrating and toning effect that these organic hydrogel masks provided my skin. I would repurchase these masks, and I would recommend giving them a go. Just know that they should be worn while seated or reclining, so they don’t slide all around your face. Shop the masks, here.

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