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Traveling Made Me a Dick

My husband was in Israel for work, and he asked me if I wanted his Saba (Grandpa) and Safta (Grandma) to get us baklava. I told him that I don’t want to gain weight, so no. I went about my day, and after working out, I realized that I damn well wanted some baklava and that traveling so much has made me a dick.


Growing up in the middle of nowhere, my parents live on an 80-acre farm in Kansas, the farthest placed I dreamed of living was New York City. I did not know that a world existed outside of The US, and I would not discover it until I moved to The Far East.


When I was 20, I left my sorority-filled, university life in Kansas and moved to Hong Kong for a six-month exchange program. I fell in love with the city, the culture, the excitement, and all of the exchange kids. I not only learned about Hong Kong-Chinese culture but the cultures of all the students in my program. When I returned to The States, I was yearning for more, and so I applied for a summer internship in Shanghai. Another great experience filled with culture, beauty, food, and friends.


The list of cities I have lived in and countries I have traveled to since my first time abroad has multiplied, along with my dickishness. When I was living in Israel, I would tell my husband how much I missed Hong Kong and its enjoyable public transportation and that that makes it the best place in the world. When someone said to me that there was a new Din Tai Fung (DTF for short) restaurant opening near our apartment in The Bay, I told them that it couldn’t be possibly better than the “real” thing. I also have passed on opportunities to see many major cities skylines, like the Sky Tower in Auckland or the CN Tower in Toronto, because I have had cocktails at the top of the tallest bar in Hong Kong. What could possibly beat drinks at the Ritz with a view of Victoria Harbour? I’m thinking it myself: dick.


So, I’m ending my dickish ways and putting myself in an adult timeout. For the next year, I am not allowing myself to travel outside of The United States. This great nation has some beautiful wonders to be seen, great people to meet, and excellent food trucks to enjoy. I am calling myself out and ending this pretentious snobbery. Oh, and I messaged Safta to let her know that I would love some baklava. 

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