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The BEST Affordable Non-Toxic Mattress

Finding an affordable organic mattress is hard all! I didn't (actually "we" didn't) want to spend more than $2,000 on a king-size bed. I went on a long internet search for toxic-free mattresses, that didn't break the bank. Some eco mattresses are $6,000! I don't know about you all, but that is just a bit too much for me ("us")!

I finally stumbled across a Facebook ad for Avocado Green Mattress, and I was super enthralled because their full-priced mattress was about $1700, totally in my price range! I was also happy because the site was doing a special of $175 off. That brought the mattress down to $1525. Score! There is an option to pay a bit more for a pillow-top, which I decided to for-go because we both like a firmer mattress.

I selected the curbside delivery because it was/is free, and my husband is a pretty strong dude. The in-home delivery and set up is around $200.

The affordable organic mattress came rolled up in a box, and assembly was easy. All we did was cut the box open, unroll the bed, and let it decompress.

The mattress has become a fan favorite over the last year of use, and EVERYONE, including Doobie, has loved it. I miss my Avocado Mattress when we are out of town, and my husband does too!

Avocado Mattress Summary


All kinds of organic certifications (wool, cotton, latex)

Medium-Full firmness (enough give to feel cloud-like, without the lower back pain)

Price (under $2000!!)


A *NEW* vegan option

25-year warranty


I honestly can't think of one!

*This posts contains affiliate links and is NOT sponsored. This mattress was paid for by me :-)

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