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Eight LGBTQIA+ Owned Clean Beauty Brands

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

June is PRIDE month. We have many LGBTQIA+ owned brands in our clean beauty community, and I wanted to take a second and highlight them.

Alder New York 

David J. Krause and Nina Zilka created Alder New York. Their goal was to make a line of clean, genderless, and effective skincare. My favorite products from the range are their Everyday Face Cleanser, it is not fragranced, and their Brightening Face Mask. Find Alder New York, here.

Gabriel Cosmetics and Zuzu Luxe

Gabriel Cosmetics and Zuzu Luxe are both owned by Gabriel De Santino. I think of Zuzu Luxe as the little sister brand to Gabriel Cosmetics. Gabriel Cosmetics has more sophisticated and sleek branding, while Zuzu Luxe is a little fresher. Some of my favorite Gabriel Products are their eyeshadow palette, foundation, a cream highlighter, and the multi-pots. My favorite Zuzu Luxe products are their lipstick, brow pencil, and liquid eyeliner. Shop Gabriel, here. Shop Zuzu Luxe, here.

Josh Rosebrook 

Cosmetologist Josh Rosebrook founded his eponymous haircare and skincare line a decade ago. My two favorite Josh Rosebrook products are his Cacao Antioxidant Mask and the Vital Balm Cream. The Cacao Mask smells like chocolate and orange, and I love how it nourishes and calms my skin. The Vital Balm Cream has an aloe and hyaluronic acid-base. It is super moisturizing and nourishing! Shop Josh's products, here.

Kristen Arnett Beauty 

Kristen Arnett is a clean beauty makeup artist who has worked with thousands of celebrities and models to create the looks we know and love. Kristen shares her experience with those from all walks of life via her website, kristenarnett.com. Sign up for a private lesson with Kristen, here.

Noto Botanics

Makeup artist Gloria Noto founded Noto Botanics. Noto Botanics focuses on: representation, real results, high-performance clean ingredients, sustainability, and more! I have yet to try Noto Botanicals, but I have heard fantastic things! Shop Noto Botanics, here.

Sappho New Paradigm

JoAnn Fowler is the founder of the cosmetic line Sappho New Paradigm. Fowler is an Emmy-nominated makeup artist! My favorite items from the Sappho line are their mascara and the lip glosses. The lip glosses are pigmented and moisturizing, and the mascara has a silicon-wand and doesn't have any flaking or smudging. Shop Sappho products, here.

Sigil Scent

Self-taught perfumer Patrick Kelly created Sigil Scent. I have tried all of the Sigil fragrances, and they produce some of the longest wearing, non-headache inducing scents. My personal favorites are Solutio and Prima Materia. Prima Materia has warm notes of neroli, and white sage and Solutio has fresh notes of cypriol and bracing lime. Shop Sigil Scent, here.

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