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NOT a "Hot" Traveler

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I absolutely love connecting with people and small business owners. I love sharing my passion for non-toxic, indie beauty with others. I love all that I have learned from the others that share my passion, or something similar. What I don’t like about social media, is the non-realistic travel photos.

I recently was on my Instagram account, and just like any social media savvy person, I ended up on someone else’s account who liked a photo of someone I followed but have never met. Yep, this is our world! Anyways, said girl’s account was of her in exotic locations, doing fascinating things; and all with fabulous hair and fabulous clothing. It got me thinking back to my travel days.

During the early years of my 20’s (20-25), I went everywhere I could. I traveled and lived throughout 4 different continents. It was a fantastic experience, and I have some great stories from some great places. But, what I didn’t have back then, was a fabulous wardrobe or lux camera.

When I started traveling, I stopped buying things. Seriously, I haven’t bought a new pair of jeans for 3 years. I would pick up decorations, and local beauty products, here and there, but clothing and getting myself “dolled up,” was the last thing on my mind. I was busy planning my next trip, booking hostels, enjoying the sites of my current location, and eating the local food. Instagram and Facebook were the furthest things from my mind.

I could have chronicled all my trips on social media or started a blog when I was abroad, but I was too busy living like the locals—or as close as my Western-self could possibly stand. I did write for Pink Pangea a bit, but I have not given accounts on every location I’ve been to, including the sights, sounds, and smells. Just because I did not post daily in Thailand and Italy, did not mean it all did not happen. It just means that I lived it without the worry and stress that having an active social media account brings.

If I wanted to do all that I did, while traveling and living in foreign lands, then I had to sacrifice looking good. There was no time to make my hair frizz-less, find stylish clothing, have a good time on my trips, and talk to my parents every Sunday. So, I didn’t. Sure, I have pictures of myself in Nepal and Taiwan—but my hair is a bit lifeless and dry, and my clothes were outdated, even for the time. Not exactly what most people scrolling Instafeeds want to see. But, I had the time of my life! I traveled for the pure thrill of traveling, and I am so glad that I got that.

After my almost-5-year stint abroad, I have returned to The United States. Now, I can access my time of living outside of The States, and chronical how it has changed me as a person. Now that I am back, I am also blogging about beauty. Kind of ironic for a former-frizzy headed kid, but it has always been my passion. I could not have it all when I was abroad, and my new “career” in the beauty world is giving some balance to the time I spent neglecting myself and seeing the world.

We all do it differently, but I was the one with her dated iPhone 5C, snapping pixelated pictures at The Bund. Just because I wasn’t wearing a fancy dress, does not mean that I wasn’t there.

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