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I Threw Away the Scale and Lost 25 pounds

Well, not literally threw it away.

Don’t worry everyone, I recycle, and it went in my pile of goodies to be sent to the recycling center.

Why not give it to the Goodwill?

Because I am not passing that ugly burden onto anyone else, a scale is a Pandora’s Box, a 12” by 12” field of horror and self-loathing for millions of people.

My journey towards health and wellness began when I was a kid. I have always been very tall. I reached a height of six feet before my 14th birthday. I have never been one of those tall, thin girls that we all know. I was 13 years old with a doughy-hourglass figure. Moreover, of course, being this tall meant that I was only good for two things: basketball and modeling.

I have the coordination of a moose, and my body was not that of a thin waif model. I have done everything to be like women of these statures because that is what “tall girls” look like. Moreover, so began my dive into the world of weight loss with my arch nemesis, the scale.  

Over the last nine years I’ve done it all: counted points, not eaten, cut calories ran a half marathon, consulted with a nutritionist, worked out with a personal trainer, suffered through insanity, “did” yoga.

You name it; I’ve done it.

Through all of this, my body has hit major peaks and valleys. At my lowest, I weighed 155 lbs and my highest 212 lbs. College was when I hit my major valley, being away from home meant no more personal trainer and no more nutritionist. Add on the freshman 15 and the study abroad 10, and my body was in a state of dismay.

Then came my guiding light.

This past summer, I interned at an organic beauty, and lifestyle company in Shanghai called: myLOHASBeauty. I started learning about the chemical storm that fills our drawers and tops our vanities. 

This education led me into what fills our pantries. It took me going half-way around the world to discover the cancer-causing preservatives that fill the kitchen of my own home. The second that I got back, I went to my parent’s refrigerator and threw away everything (dramatic, I know). I spent the next week before going back to college explaining to my parents the labels that were okay to purchase and the false advertising of major food companies.

I stopped counting calories, points, training, and worrying about my weight. I was so much more concerned with creating ahimsa (non-harm) in my body. The weight that was plaguing me did not just magically fall off overnight, but over the course of the last eight months, my body has been re-shaped in a healthy, non-harmful way. I started practicing yoga, and “did” some cardio here and there. Moreover, I did not get on the scale once. The only reason that I know that I lost 25 lbs is that I went to the doctor the other day, and the nurse weighed me.

So, I encourage everyone to create a loving environment for yourself and others this spring! Learn to read food labels, not just calorie and carb counts. Purchase fruits and veggies from your local farmer’s market. Take a cooking class and learn how to make real food.

Above all else…ditch the scale!

You are so much more than a number.

Published by Elephant Journal: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2014/04/i-threw-away-my-scale-lost-25-pounds-reagan-rasmussen-hart/

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