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How to Practice Yoga for Free!

Practicing Yoga at Home

I love yoga, but I don’t always love the inaccessibility of it. Depending on where you live, a monthly yoga membership can cost upwards of $100. To practice yoga for one year will set you back about $1200, which is a month of rent in most parts of The States. I know of many people that are interested in yoga but don’t have enough cash to check it out. Alas! I have written a list, to be a resource to those who may not have the ability to drop coinage to set their chakras on fire.

Free City Community Classes

Having lived in many cities in America, I have found that there are many free community classes offered by various organizations. Some of the top places to find free, or reduced rate yoga, are libraries, art museums, and churches. Look up free community yoga classes in your city, and something will pop up!

I looked up yoga classes in my hometown, and current location and there were many results for free yoga classes at the library and art museums. Churches also offer yoga classes that are donation based or reduced-rate. I taught summer yoga series at different churches after finishing yoga teacher training, and my father is currently leading yoga classes at a local church.


lululemon might not be the first place you think of to find anything for cheap… However, they offer tons of free fitness classes to the community, including yoga! Check out the events section on Facebook of your local lululemon, here there are a variety of complimentary classes, everything from CrossFit to yoga, listed out with dates and times.  

Idan (my husband) and I, have attended a summer series on Saturday mornings, hosted by lululemon in the South Bay. The class is outdoor, and many people come to get their flow on, enjoy the Northern California weather, and avoid paying big bucks.  

Karma Yoga

Many yoga studios offer what is called “karma yoga,” and that is where a person works at the studio a few hours a week, and instead of being paid, they get a free membership.

I have been a beneficiary of karma yoga for about four months. It’s an awesome deal for me, and the owner of the studio I go to. One day a week, I go for thirty minutes before class and open the studio up; I make sure everything is clean and check people in for class. During this time, I also take a class and after, I check people in for the evening class. It really doesn’t feel like work, and it has helped me to get free yoga and know the people in my local studio!


When I was in university, there were free noon-time yoga classes offered, on campus, Monday through Friday. All were welcome, not just co-eds. How amazing is that? I went to school at Kansas State University, and that program is still running. If you live in an area with a university, check to see if they have similar offerings.

Another resource for those in, or near, a university is the college’s recreation center. The campus gym fee is included in tuition fees, and with this fee comes various classes, intermural teams, and clubs. For non-university persons, many university rec-centers offer reasonably priced memberships to the public. Check out this excellent resource for yoga classes or clubs.

International Day of Yoga

Although International Day of Yoga is only once a year, it is still a great way to take advantage of free yoga! There are free classes all over the world, so take advantage EVERY June 21st. Check out community and yoga studio listings, for a free class on the summer solstice.

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