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Game Day for the Ladies

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

I recently went to my first NFL football game. In my collegiate days, I never really liked football. I wasn't about that Kansas heat mixed with thousands of screaming, half-drunk, college kids. However, professional football is a bit different. There are still the half-drunk, grown kids, and the elements will always be there-- football is kind of like the mailman, it comes in sleet, snow, rain, and sunshine. However, something is soothing about sitting by someone that you may have absolutely nothing in common with and rooting for the same team. Thinking about it, I will probably never see the guys that I high-fived and hugged during some of the high points of the 49ers versus the Lions game; but, for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, we all felt that sense of belonging that Brene Brown talks about in Braving the Wilderness. When we left the game, I told my husband that I would like to come back and see another game this season, I shocked myself. When I go back, I will be a bit more prepared, as I left the game with a mild sunburn, which is never comfortable. Read on to see my game day recommendations for NFL football.

The next time that I go to an outdoor, stadium event, I will be sure to bring this black Lululemon Baller Cap, to the game I wore a free hat that had some smart slogan on it that I got at a convention. It was fine, but this one is a little more "Insta-appropriate," jokes aside it just looks a lot classier!

I would also recommend pre-ordering a shirt for the game from the NFL store. The day of the game I wore a red, short sleeve top, anticipating on purchasing an official 49ers shirt from the stadium store. I wouldn't recommend doing this. The store was PACKED. I mean wall to wall people. Not my jam. I left the game sans shirt, and in turn, ordered this cute 49ers baseball tee online. At least I'm ready for next time! Also, I would recommend bringing a transparent purse/bag to ANY NFL game. The 49ers stadium requires everyone to have a clear, plastic bag. I'm not sure if this is true for all NFL stadiums, but better safe than sorry. I ordered mine off of Amazon; it was affordable and pretty adorable. Find it here

The last thing that I am going to do before the next NFL game is washed my clothes with this Sun Guard Landry Aid. This infuses your clothing fibers with 30 UPF protection (UPF is like SPF, but for clothing.) Our clothing only offers us a UPF of 6-8, with that level of protection, we all know that sitting in the hot sun for four hours cannot be good for our skin. I did bring sunscreen and would bring it again; my favorites are by Pacifica and Suntegrity.

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