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Essentials for Traveling Israel

Israeli summers are HOT, HOT, HOT! Being nestled between the desert and the sea creates the humid climate that is this beautiful, coastal country. I am from Kansas and summer begins in June and ends in early-September, not here in Israel. The summer ends in November and begins again in late-March, giving citizens and tourists almost year-round beach days with hot sand, bright sun, and a warm sea. Being a pale girl, I have had to adapt to my new climate and take protective measures against the Middle Eastern sun. I want to share a few of my ‘can’t live without’ items, which I have come to use daily here in the Eretz (the country in Hebrew).

Supportive Sandals

While living in Hong Kong, I developed plantar fasciitis, which is a tightening of the muscles in the balls of the feet. It is excruciating to walk with this condition, which is very bothersome in a city where I relied on walking and mass transit to get around. To resolve this disorder, I started wearing more supportive shoes, actually orthopedic shoes. Now, these are not those funny shoes with the springs in the heels or the Velcro tennis shoes my grandfather used to wear. There are some cute, trendy options on various retail shoe websites. There are even strappy sandals and flip flops to choose from. I highly recommend getting a few pairs, because walking is a popular mode of transport around these parts.


Sunscreen is an absolute must in the Middle East. Every day, all-day, any skin color. This is my plea, and reminder, and not just to my friends living nearby, but everyone in the world: please wear at least an SPF of 30 daily. Wrinkly skin, age spots and worst of all—skin cancer-- are not sexy. The sun in Israel is especially bright and prevalent, so I want to remind everyone living or visiting to protect their skin.

Light-weight scarf

I always wear, or keep, a lightweight scarf in my bag for the days when I do not have time to reapply my sunscreen in the afternoon. The scarf makes for a nice barrier between my skin and the sun, while not being too bulky and hot. I have purchased a couple of infinity scarfs while living here, that use UPF material as an extra measure to protect myself from the sun’s powerful rays. UPF material is like sunscreen for fabric, either a protective coating is added to the fabric, or the fabric is woven extremely tight to block UV rays from entering the material. I highly recommend that everyone who lives in Israel, or is visiting/planning to visit, to purchase a light-weight scarf with UPF protection.

Sunglasses with UV protection

I previously mentioned that the sun is bright here, and we all need to protect our skin, another important body part to consider with the sun is our eyes. Before I came to Israel, I purchased some adorable shades from a designer outlet in The US. When I got here, I did some research online to discover that my new sunglasses did not have UV protection! I was astonished that a prestigious brand would sell sunglasses that did not protect from the sun. So, I scouted out some proper shades that have 100% UV protection lenses. Before making the same mistake that I did, research your sunglasses to see if they have adequate UV protection because the sun shines bright here in the Middle East.

My go-to items for living in Israel may not be the most fun or sexiest, but they have helped keep me healthy in the last nine months of living here. I hope that my advice will be considered by others who plan to visit The Holy Land.

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