• Reagan Hart

Dear Tall Girl,

I see you over there, slouched shoulders, trying to make yourself appear ‘shorter’ to fit in with your friends. Trust me, it is not going to work, so push those shoulders back and hold your head high, sweet girl. I know that it is hard to have a body that is not comparable to your friends: BIG feet and long legs. These are your proportions; this is how you are beautifully made. I was you, and I am you.

I know that it is embarrassing to go to shoe shops and be turned away because they do not carry a size over 10. I also know how sucky it is, as you shop with your middle school friends and you feel the need to justify your larger sized clothing to them, because “uh, uh, I need the extra length!” The same friends will tell you that they would not be friends with you if you were any taller because, “ya know, that would be awkward!” Do not worry about these girls; in the future, you will have awesome friends, friends that will cross oceans to visit you. In regards to the clothes and shoes, the internet is your friend; there is a deep assortment of apparel and shoes for a girl of your stature.

No, you are not a “big” girl, you are a tall girl—the two are not synonymous, and I still cannot figure out who came up with this analogy. You, tall girl, do not need to play basketball or volleyball, and no, you do not need to be a model. Your tallness demands attention, and it will help you set the world on fire one day.

I can bet that the boys are shorter than you right now. In the summer, you will hope and pray that they have started growing, and you have stopped. Do not worry, when you return to school next year, and you are still tall. Girl, some of these boys will grow, and some will not, and you will remain the poised, tall girl that you always are and always have been.

As for the boys, wait for the men. Tall men like tall women, shorter men like us too. It may not feel like it right now, but one day, you will be a hot commodity. You will be whisked away and experience romance, you will have a boyfriend, and if you choose the commitment, a husband will one day love that his wife is tall. He will even start to notice that the world around is comparably short, thanks to you tall girl. He will also experience the plight of you, girl, and drive two hours to find your size 12+ shoes.

Tall girl, I can promise that it only gets better from here. Airlines have started to increase legroom, although you may still bump your head while getting onto the small, two-seat on each side, planes. The world has started to realize, as you will too, that there are many tall girls like us. One day you will walk past another tall girl, please look at her and smile. She is part of your tribe, The We of Tall Girls, and we understand what you are going through. You can only go up from here, so please go and get it, girl.

Love always,

Tall Woman

Published on Elephant Journal: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2016/08/dear-tall-girl/  

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