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Black Owned Clean Beauty Brands I Know and Love!

It's crazy how fast time goes! Two years ago I did a collaboration with my friend Jamie of Five Product Face about Black Owned Makeup Brands. Many of the brands that I featured have grown and added new products to their repetoire. I've also discovered so many more awesome Black-Owned Brands since then. Let's chat about the brands that I know and love! (Some of these brands were crowd-sourced through my Instagram followers.)

Various Green Beauty Products on White Background


Blac Minerals is a "Natural Line of Makeup for Women of Color," they have re-branded since I tried them a couple of years back, but I did like their lip products!

Brown Leaf Beauty is a line of clean eyeshadow, skincare, and fashion items. I have tried the eyeshadows, and I love the crazy fun colors that the founder creates. I also purchased a bunch of fabric face masks from Brown Leaf Beauty. They're super cute!

Double Down Cosmetics is a line of natural cosmetics and skincare. I have their lipgloss in the shade "The Rebel." I like how moisturizing and pigmented it is! Double Down also donates to the Domestic Violence Homeless & Addiction Communities of Los Angeles.

Josephine Cosmetics is a line of uber-glam clean cosmetics. I've tried their eyeshadows, and they are gorgeous, I also really like their liquid eyeliner.

Lamik Makeup is a new line of cosmetics for me. They have a small collection of brow products, foundation, and eye makeup remover. Lamik is all about "love and makeup in kindness!"

Laws of Nature Cosmetics is a line of naturally based products. They have every category of foundation under the sun! Foundations of all kinds, powders, concealer, primer! I've tried their concealer, and it had an excellent creamy formulation.

The Lip Bar is a line of cosmetics that is available at Target! They have tons of lip products, base products, brow products, mascara, and more. I have liked their face palette. It truly has the perfect contouring bronzer for my pale skin.

Lovinah is a line of cosmetics and skincare. I have LOVED their eyeshadow palettes. They have some of the best color stories in clean beauty! I have liked their liquid eyeliner as well.

Propa Beauty is a new line of clean lipstick crafted for "those with dark skin tones." They have 12 lipstick shades, and each one is $12!

Mented Cosmetics started as a line of nude lipsticks. They have since expanded to base products, foundation, and more!

Plain Jane Beauty is one of the OG green makeup lines. I have tried many products from the line; my favorites are the stick foundation and setting powder.


54 Thrones is a line of luxury botanical. This line is made using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients from cooperatives in Africa.

Beneath Your Mask "was created as a skin, body, and hair rejuvenation line designed to restore, repair, and reverse the toxic effects of environmental hazards, health challenges, stress, and the damage done from countless other unforgiving aspects of our lifestyles."

Elements of Aliel is a "collection of plant-based products formulated to contain only what you need." This is a minimal line of six products!

Free+True "harnesses the planet's most potent botanicals and marries them with clean science to bring effortless and effective care to any skin environment." I have been using their Body Prophet Serum, and I love how moisturizing and absorbent it is!

Genetix Organic was "designed by science, made by nature - for the feminine in you." I have loved their lip serum; it is so moisturizing and has helped my dry, cracked lips.

Jacq's "trusts in the wisdom of precious ingredients and the efficacy of simple formulas." Jacq's offers cleansers, serums, masks, and more!

Naked Flamingo is a line of skincare and body care. One of my favorite products from them is their Aloe Face Milk. It is so moisturizing and emollient without being heavy.

Nola Skinsentials is a line of healthy, vegan skincare for Millenials. I recently ordered their Oh Whale Aqua Mask because I was drawn to the blue hue and the fantastic ingredients list.

Okoko is a luxury line of skincare that focuses on clarifying, brightening, and radiance. The Okoko Sublime Balm and L'Élixir de Pureté were included in this month's Clean Beauty Box!

True Moringa is a line of skincare and beauty products based on the Moringa Tree in Ghana. They have all kinds of skincare and body care products. I ordered their Lip Whip in Truth and have been loving it!

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Alaffia is a lifestyle line of products that you may have seen at Whole Foods. They have hair care, body care, and so much more! They give back so many of their proceeds to organizations in Africa.

Eugenia Shea this brand. Oh, this brand! I ordered their Lavendar Shea Butter last week, and I am obsessed with it. It is soft and absorbent, I have been using it as a lip treatment and hand "cream." It's not greasy or oily!

Golde is a line of turmeric-based supplements and skincare products. I make a keto, turmeric latte every day using their supplements. They are so yummy!

Ivyees is a line of skincare, body care, hair care, and oral care. They have it all! I have been using their toothpaste this week, and it is made with honey and miswak. Miswak is a teeth cleaning twig, it kind of tastes like licorice. I have liked the toothpaste, and it leaves my breath fresh!

Perfect Blue Alchemy is a line of, " handcrafted and small-batched perfumes, body products and home items. Made with only natural oils and plant essences."

Natural Annie Essentials is mostly known for their candles, but they also have a curated selection of body and lip products.

Organic Bath Co is a line of bath and skincare products. I have been using their Zesty Morning Organic Body Butter and Hand Sanitizer. The body butter is not super heavy and melts down to an oil with body heat.

Ruby Love is a line of period garments. I have tried their period panties, the bikini style, and I like the cut and fit.


Blk+Grn is a retail store of all green beauty products created by Black artisans.

Cosmic Crystal Box is a subscription-based box that delivers crystals to your doorstep!

CVTD Beauty is a boutique e-commerce site that offers an excellent curation of natural products.

Green Beauty for Us has a new website coming soon, but you can shop their selection of beauty and home items on Instagram!

Note: Joy from Lovinah Skincare created an incredible resource to shop Black Owned Brands, here. This list has hundreds of brands, not just green beauty. The name of the site is blackandluxe.com.

A few affiliate links are used in this article. I am affiliated with Target and Plain Jane Beauty.

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