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100% Pure Palettes

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

I have been using 100% Pure Makeup for a long time. My grandmother purchased the Fruit Pigmented Mascara and Coffee Bean Eye Cream when #100percentpure launched on QVC. I swear Lisa Robertson could convince her to buy anything...

I was so excited when we moved to the Bay Area because I knew that 100% Pure began here. I enjoyed those two products from my grandma, and I was so happy to go to an actual store. One of the first things I purchased was the Naked II Palette.

I picked the Naked II because the Pretty Naked shades were a little too understated for me. The Better Naked and Rose Gold palettes were added to my collection, as the palette range grew. My favorite is still the Naked II, but the Better Naked leads closely behind. The Rose Gold Palette is beautiful, but the highlight and blush shades are for someone with a deeper complexion than mine.

These palettes provide a pretty good bang for the buck because they house a blush, highlight and three #eyeshadow shades. The palettes are around $55, which isn't awful for all the product included.

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