Affiliates, Sponsorships and PR Products

There is always a buzz about affiliate codes, pr products, and clean beauty sponsorships. I just wanted to clear the air about this topic, and how it relates to me and my content. When I started blogging/vlogging, I knew nothing about all of this. So, let me break it down:
Affiliate Link: A link to a website that is provided by a blogger from a company's affiliate portal, the blogger, in turn, gets a percentage of the sale if the person who clicks on the link orders an item through said link. No additional fee is added to the product to pay the affiliate; the company instead provides a percentage of the sale to the blogger (think commission). 
Presentation: Usually, a blogger will insert a hyperlink and say click here, for WYZ product. The "here" part of the text is a blogger's affiliate link, and the blogger will earn anywhere from 5%-15% commission if a sale is made. This also may appear in full form,
I feel like affiliate links can be a significant source of tension in the blogging community. On the blogger side, you don't want to feel like a cheesy car salesman screaming: "USE MY LINKS!!"
However, bloggers still need to pay bills, and producing content isn't cheap. On the subscriber/reader side, you don't want to feel taken advantage of, like a blogger/vlogger only created the content you are viewing to become a millionaire.
As a blogger, we would all like for our blogs/vlogs to be self-sustaining. Heck, some of us would like it to pay our bills (I am not there in the slightest), but I get it. I hate feeling sold to; it's never nice.
I think the best way to go about affiliates is by supporting your favorite, GENUINE bloggers. It really does help them create the content you love (buy products, lighting, etc.), and put food on the table, without costing you a thing! If you are curious about whom I decided to affiliate with, and why, head to my affiliates page.
PR Products: free products sent to bloggers by a company, or public relations firm. The blogger can choose to do with these products as they wish. 
I do receive PR products from time to time, but it wasn't how I thought it would be... Most of the time, I will reach out to a brand, if I have had inquiries about a product on my social media from you guys. If they want to send me the product--GREAT! If not, I buy it for myself. I buy a LARGE majority of my products, and it's not like a re-occurring free source of cosmetic and body care products. Aka, I still pay for my soap and deodorant. 
Sponsored Content: Content that a company pays a blogger to post. 
I have done a few sponsored videos on YouTube. Basically, a company pays me to include their products in my content. I always disclose when a company has paid me to talk about a product. It is my content, and I am VERY picky about sponsorships. I don't just accept sponsorships from every brand, and I must try the products for two weeks before I feature them in my videos or other content. 

Amazon Affiliate links were used in this article, these links were used for the sole purpose of education.

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